Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Collision Course? More like crash and burn!

I should have known at a glance. First clue of terrible is Jay Leno! Holy smokes you want some bad acting..... Leno is prime example he is worst than Keanu Reaves!!!! I was hoping Mr. Miyagi would save the movie, maybe train a couple karate experts (small but mighty) to really kick butt and become the new "buddy cops" but alas my dreams were shattered.
The most exciting part in this movie: a flying kick through a windshield that squishes the antagonist's head like it was nutty putty!!!! Woohoo. While this motion is taking place you are thinking "no, he's not really going to, OMG he did!!!"

I took you through the whole movie now you don't have to watch it! :D
I give this movie 1.5 sweep the leg Johnnys out of 5.
This is Mr. Myagi destroying "Leno san's" dreams.


  1. Haha awesome, you captured Leno's weird boomerang shaped head nicely here.

    Y U No tell me this before I watch this movie?!

  2. Wow, it looks like Daniel son and Leno had a baby, scary.

  3. I like how mr miyagi has "Police" written on him. That would have been beneficial in this movie. Jay "Boomerang" Leno wouldn't have mistaken him for a thug and mr miyagi could have solved the case by himself.