Thursday, January 27, 2011

First movie... FREAKED

Ok, to start this blog out we have one of the worst films I have ever seen, but is a cult classic. The one good thing about it is that it reunites Bill and Ted (see if you can find Keanu, he's hidden).

This movie has an all-star cast (depending on which decade you are from) Alex Winter (Bill from Bill and Ted's), Keanu Reeves, Brooke Shields, Randy Quaid, and Mr. T. WOW!!!!!!

This movie is awesome, they should have made a toy line from it.

Freaked at IMDB


The New Blog!!!

Hey there, welcome to our new blog.
We had so much fun with our previous blog I Can See Your Doodle, but as you may have noticed 2011 pretty much killed it even with an attempted resuscitation. So we decided to start fresh and new with "Drawn in 60 Seconds, the movie drawing blog".
What we will attempt to do is combine two things that we all enjoy, drawing and trashing (or praising) movies we've watched.
Here's the premise: each week, one of us will suggest a movie, the rest of us will watch this movie on our own, we will each make a very short review, and then make a 60 second drawing of anything from that movie that has inspired us.
We will try to pick movies that none of us have seen. We like to pick obscure movies, B movies, crappy movies, great movies, etc., as long as they are movies that are not widely seen. We will try not to pick Hollywood blockbusters but a few may slip in there once and a while.
The reviews we give will be our own opinion about the whole movie, a part of the movie, a character of the movie, or what ever else you liked or hated. We like to think of this as more of a discussion than a review.
Finally, the drawing will be of what ever catches our fancy whilst watching the movie. If you can do a drawing in 60 seconds, great, if not take 5mins, 10mins, an hour, or how ever long you want.
I hope we all have fun and I hope everyone else enjoys reading and looking at this blog.