Monday, June 13, 2011

FreeJack more like PeeVac. Get it a Vacuum that sucks urine?!

Wow...what a movie. What can I say it was 2 hours of computer browsing time. When I am able to browse the web and still be able to know whats going on in the movie thats pretty bad! FreeJack was an educational experience. I learned how to be romatic "nibble my ear for luck", saran wrap has more uses then keeping food fresh, and if you need to blend into a poverty stricken place just limp a little (same goes for if you need to blend in with pirates, I feel completely capable now even if I don't get the help of Tinkerbell). Seeing Emilio brings back the days of the Mighty Ducks I just couldn't help but expect Emilio to yell at some point "Flying V"... it never happened:(
FreeJack was pretty boring I didn't care about the characters, the action scenes were weak to say the least and the special effects could have been done better in my basement! One thing I found amusing in the movie was Brad. The bad guy from Mr. Nanny sans metal plate in his head... I always wondered what he looked like without it. I've concluded he just looks less shiny!
Overall I don't want to watch the movie again, that was 2 hrs of my life that I will miss and I would have rather watched Gymkata again!!!!

I give this movie 1 deadly games of hide and go seek out of 5


  1. blasphemy!!! thou shall never speak the name Gymkata!

  2. GYMKATA....gymkata, gymkata, gymkata........oops

  3. more like "what the 'mighty duck!"