Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What was this move called again?

Movie makers in the 90's loved to make movies about how America has fallen from the top of the world when it actually was at the top. Now that its in a free fall you won't see any movies like this for many years to come.
This movie had all the ingredients, apocalyptic future, rich have advanced technology poor have nothing, like animals, funny looking futuristic cars. NY 2009 not even close to how it was portrayed in this movie.Its funny how the "futuristic" tv screens are still the old tv tube style.
Lots of familiar faces couldn't help this one. Horrible acting Mick Jaggar, Emilio acting isn't much better. Sir Anthony, what have you done?

Slightly interesting plot but overwhelming who cares because you ultimately know what's going to happen. Basically hey who am I, what happened to me, who did this to me, get revenge or something type story.
I had to laugh when Emilio put that helmet on, way too big for him.
And oooooooh, a big eye, some crappy cg, and viola, they are in some kind of virtual reality mind swap with Anthony Hopkins, wow. Nice twist on the ending but it was pretty predictable.
Perfect way to wrap up a predictable 90's film, a boring one at that.
I give this one 2 cat naps out of 5

So I was really uninspired thinking of something to draw for this so I drew an alien elephant with no ears and chicken feet.


  1. haha wow. An earless, chicken footed elephant was totally unexpected.

  2. Well, I figured the movie was so predictable, I should balance it out by drawing something unexpected.