Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Freedom Isn't free, Jack!

I'm going to try and be nice in this review. I'm not going to be mean or negative.
It's going to be full of sunshine and rainbows.

Freejack was a delightful movie filled with pink race car explosions, time travel and tin foil surgeons using lightning guns to lobotomize Emilio Estevez.

It has digital old men trying to steal young men's body's to live forever and it's full of... Ahhh I can't do it anymore. Freejack wasn't good. It was boring and predictable, none if the characters mattered, the acting was okay, but nothing really happened that was worth the money to put it on screen. I guarantee Anthony Hopkins does not talk about Freejack and probably slaps anyone who brings it up.

All in all the idea wasn't bad, and the acting was okay, but the movie stinks anyway.

Here is how I remember the movie (maybe that's why I didn't like it):

Rating: 1 nibble on Emilio's ear out of 5

BTW isn't it weird that this movie takes place in 2009? It's like watching a movie that takes place in the future, but is still in the past. Head explode!


  1. we look like an OLD married couple!( Except technologically advanced)

  2. it's your towel! Loose the towel, look 10 years younger!

  3. The dog is the only one with the right idea