Monday, April 25, 2011

Investigate, interrogate and delegate

The Gate was a creepy little movie, way more creepy then I thought it was going to be.

Since I'm all grown up and awesome now, the movie didn't effect me at all. It was pretty straight forward and everything just kind of meanders along until the finale. However, if I saw this when I was kid, I would have peed my underoos.

Seriously, how did you watch this when you were a kid Brandon? that must have f-'d your fragile little mind.

Those minions were really creepy. the demon mom and dad where ultra creepy. and the shot of the dead family photo was mega creepy. a zombie dragging kids to hell is head-explodingly creepy.

Creepiness aside, the movie's effects where really well done. The composting, makeup, and puppets are topnotch.

The Goods: Fun and creepy movie. I'll probably watch it again sometime.
The Bads: The acting is pretty stiff and awkward.
The Moral: Heavy metal has life lessons.

Rating: 4 melting phones out of 5

Get it? Minions.. hurr hurr


  1. I wish this was what the minions looked like. Then maybe I wouldn't of had nightmares of demon bums running through my head! Go OSH KOSH B'GOSH!!!!

  2. HA! Awesome picture! Heh... minions :B
    You gave it a pretty good score, but I guess I might have been a little bias in my rating. You know, because of the whole "scarring me as a kid" thing...

  3. I might have been a little generous with my score, but while I was writing my review I realized I honestly wouldn't mind seeing it again.

    ... and on this blog that means a lot