Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Not as Creepy as I Remembered

This time around it just seemed kinda cheesy. This movie used to give me nightmares when I was younger, but now the only thing I find horrific is the dialogue.

 I couldn't believe how nonchalant these kids were during the whole ordeal, sure they were screaming but seriously it wasn't even close to the reaction they should have had. They opened a Gate. To. Hell. With demons n' shit! Mind you those demons were pretty pathetic too, they were utterly defeated by one kid. With a model rocket... seriously, a model rocket.

Honorable comedy mention goes to Minion 53; the little freak-out he was having while being stepped on was hilarious.

Crappy writing aside the special effects weren't too shabby. The monster effects were done really well I thought; I liked how they used actors in monster suits for the close up shots of the minions. It gave them a nice creepy vibe. Also how they meshed together the actors in minion suits with the human actors was pretty impressive.

Even though I wasn't freaked out nearly as much as I was when I was younger there is still one shot in the movie that gives me the heeby-jeebies; it's where you can see a minion through the rails of the balcony on the second floor:
This shot, f**k this shot.

Not the worst movie ever, I give it 2 Epileptic Minions out of 5.

And for mindless hilarity, I give you Gary Busey as the minions:



  1. Ha, wonderful.
    What a nice treat to look at in the morning.
    Poor Gary, just the butt of many jokes now, but its still funny.
    Its funny how one particular scene from a movie sticks out in your memory from your childhood. That memory then shapes what you think the movie is all about, then you watch the movie again and its totally different.

  2. That's how I image Gary Busey's brain look like!

    I'm glad you weren't frightened this time around

  3. Lol yeah, that epileptic Minion was freaking out!

  4. That's exactly how I would imagine Gary's body to be like....if I ever wanted to imagine a nudie Gary Busey....which I don't.....nor have I ever.....STOP ASKING ME!