Monday, April 25, 2011

Gave Me the Heebeejeebees

Pretty decent movie. There was quite a few parts during the movie that creeped me out. The gooey arms from beneath the bed, creepy nudie minions, old construction worker from in the walls and much more. The parents in this movie were both terrible actors, the kids were quite decent. I actually thought they were terrified.
Terry was quite annoying though (Glen's little friend). He drove me insane and I almost cheered when he fell in the hell hole! While partaking in this movie I learned a couple life lessons that I will share with you!

Lesson 5- dress your minions from the petites section or their pants fall off and you may endure skid marks everywhere, bare bums hanging out at the very least.
Lesson 4- when walls start to move around or dead things start to come from the walls it's time for new drywall (or call your landlord)
Lesson 3- if moths grow to be bigger then small birds call an exterminator
Lesson 2- if you suspect your rock of producing a demon or opening the gates of hell, call a geologist
Lesson 1- call before you dig!!! I can't stress this enough.

I give this movie 3.5Angus steaks out of5

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  1. That tasty puppy is going to fall into that giant bung-hole, watch out scruffy!!