Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The mid 80's brought about some of the most memorable movies of all time, Return of the Jedi, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, etc. So with this 1985 flick hopefully that mid 80's magic will rub off on it a bit, if not it still looks like a fun movie.
I remember seeing the poster for this movie and asking my mom to take us, but no way. I don't blame her, I wouldn't let my kids see it either. The need to see this movie faded away until now. I NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE TO COMPLETE MY CHILDHOOD. So I hope it is worth the 26 year wait.


  1. Yay, a ritual! Rituals are the bomb! The best character in this movie will probably be that stoner dude with the cool specs.

  2. Options for a house warming party:
    1) Hide and Go Seek
    2) Trivial Pursuit
    3) Strip Poker
    4) A Ritual

    Unfortunately all options result in Boglins chasing after you.