Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ghoulies Was Full of Pooies.

Well... this movie almost made me speechless. Other then a lightening beam stare showdown I really don't remember very much! I am pretty sure this movie had a little bit of everything from every genre. It had raising of the dead, black magic rituals, home renovations, college students, parties, goblins, and little short people that looked like gnomes!!! Exhilarating. Jonathan inherits a mansion and decides 'hey this creepy stuff in the basement looks like fun, I'm gonna give it a try'. Thus resulting in wonky, kool-aid green eyes (possibly glaucoma), an anger problem and an ex-girlfriend. His "minions" turn their backs on him, and his friends get killed. The house falls apart, and his "servant" is left to fight the original evil master!

Moral of the story: Black magic will leave you with nothing!

The best: Firework laser beams that shoots from everyones eyes (like an epic battle against Noheart). It almost made up for the terrible acting! Oh and the cute little pug-like ghoulie.
The worst: the menacing ghoulies, they barely make an appearance! They should have called the movie "Crap-The First of Four". At least you would know what to expect. Oh and yes that's right folks they made 4 of these suckers!

I give this movie 1 Adult Care Bears out of 5


  1. I think there was more hate and less love in his stare

  2. Thanks Malcolm, my medium was "draw better". Thought I'd try something new.