Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gym- What No Ninjas?!

I think I dodged a bullet here. I never got around to watching it, but that obviously was a good thing because I get the distinct impression that it Sucked with a capital "S".

So I'll do a review on the reviews.

In one word: awesome. The play on words based on the movie title were great. And the ruthless bashing of this movie warms my heart. You could really feel the reviewer's pain as you read their articles.

Overall I give their reviews 10 Whiskey Shots out of 5 (you know, to help them forget this awful movie).

I bet if there were ninjas in this movie it would be ten times better, because ninjas are awesome.



  1. Thanks for being so generous on our rating Brandon!!!

  2. This is the best homework but not actually doing the homework I've ever seen.
    Love the comic, and the crazy woooooo face.