Friday, July 1, 2011

Shopping Mall?

Why are we reviewing shopping malls now? What? Oh "CHOPPING" mall! oooh killer robots and terrible acting! oh that makes sense now.

Chopping Mall was a fun movie, it is the epitome of what this blog should be about. Although the movie itself is mind-numbingly awful it was still fun and really entertaining.
Lots of movies have been getting A+s in "mind-numbingly awful" but Ds in "fun and entertaining". So this one passed the test.

The Goods: A bad movie that was fun to watch with friends. The type of movie that is more enjoyable when everyone is talking about it while it plays.

The Bads: There was lots of "bad" things in this movie but they all added to the overall appeal. The worst thing was probably how cliché the teens acted.

Life lesson: How to escape from killbots: Hide or take the stairs.

Rating: 3.5 pink lasers out of 5

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