Saturday, June 25, 2011

Didn't want to go shopping anyway.

Chopping Mall was a prime example of why we do this blog. A very obscure movie and yet very entertaining. I really enjoyed it! From opening credits to the last couple minutes of the movie I was laughing at all the glorious cheese! The very premiss of this movie doesn't make sense and Corina pointed that out in the first 3 mins of the movie. Killbots in a mall rolling around can be defeated by...stairs. NOT SCARY. Also heights and low spots out of a robot's line of vision, but instead these teens "duck and weave" right in the line of fire. The killing line up was very predictable, they followed the horror movie rules. But Oh the dazzling visual graphics...just stunning. I also loved how the robots sounded like vacuum cleaners, very stealthy. But my favorite part in the whole movie: man rides slow moving scoot buggy into robot and is electrocuted. Epic death of all time.
For all those "B" movie enthusiasts this movie is a must see!!!!

I give this movie 4 air pinchin' intimidations out of 5

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