Monday, May 2, 2011


Wow. Elisa can sure pick em'. A nice healthy turd from the movie tree.

The Prayer of the Rollerboys is an action packed thrill ride with constant edge of your seat excitement. The powerful acting and breathtaking story will keep this movie relevant for generations to come.

... Whoops! No, the opposite of that.

The Goods: Somewhat fun very 90s.
The Bads: Boring. At times I thought this movie was running on energizer batteries.
Life lesson: How to make a movie:
1) Pour in a plot centered around an apocalyptic city.
2) Pick an activity that seems extreme.
3) Dash in some made up drug that seems to be the problem of the world.
4) Sprinkle in punks and attitude
5) ?
6) Profit

Rating: 1 hit of 'Mist' out of 5


  1. Oh my Jacob never seemed to be a pusher! You can never really know someone I guess.

  2. I knew Lost was all a dream, more like Jacob's mist induced hallucination.
    That is some ferocious tude on Haim.
    You seem to have nailed the 80's/ 90's how to make a movie, if you only born 25 years earlier, you could have ran the town.