Monday, May 2, 2011

Going To Need More Then A Prayer

I am on a roll, I just keep picking gems. I thought this movie would be an extreme mighty ducks meets double pretty much was. It even had a cheesy version of "the flying V". An angsty gang of teens has taken over the streets and the distribution of the drug mist, our Charley Conway of the movie Griffin(Corey Haim) has to become apart of the rollerboys (against his better judgement) for the cops. Armed only with good looks, mad blading skills, and a sweet pair of pants he single handedly takes down the rollerboys as well as a duo of dirty cops. He gets the girl, saves his father figure Speedbagger, and earns his younger brother an education. I love happy endings.

This movie wasn't terrible. It kind of jumped all over the place though and it really didn't explain why or how the rollerboys came into power. However I did enjoy the rollerblading scenes with Griffin and I can appreciate the story. Nothing too memorable though.

I give this movie 2.5Crazy Jacob Mist makers out of5


  1. Holy sh__ balls. Those pants make me envious.
    The double fist pump was pretty epic.

  2. Ack i forgot to make an animated gif of that fist pump.