Friday, May 13, 2011

Escape From Absolom...I mean No Escape

This was a really good movie, I will definitely watch it again in the future. I wouldn't even mind owning it!!! I find it hard to think of Ray Liotta as a bad ass because I always think of him as Manny the dad from Corrina Corrina. when Captain Robbins got dropped off at Absolom I thought he was going to join the "lost boys" and they were going to plan their escape, while fighting against majestic wild beasts, jungle disease and indigenous cannibal tribesman. I was a little off. I liked the way it ended up playing out.

Lots of action, good story and I cared about the characters. An enjoyable movie to watch! Great pick!

I give this movie 4.25Grown men's diaries out of5


  1. RU-FI-O!



  2. Nice Rufio, you captured his likeness.