Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tremors 2, electric puppetsoo

I kinda like the Tremors movies, they are a nice romp in the movie world.
This one was not as good as the first, thanks to Kevin Bacon. Can't really make a great movie without the Baconator. I guess he was too good for the sequel, it happens.
So they leave it to Fred Ward to return and continue the story.
I like the fact that they figured out how to make new creature thus making it a whole new adventure and not just the same"ooh there's big worms in the ground" thing again.
They added some new interesting characters to liven up the show. I like that the dad from Family Ties shows up with his own personal armory.
The puppets are really cool, some sketchy stop motion and an underwhelming explosion climax scene.
All in all not bad to watch for fun.

I give this 3 big worms giving exploding births out of 5

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  1. You didn't draw that woman very nice Malcolm.