Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No Trembling in Tremors 2

Well Tremors 2 was actually one of the better movies we have watched (good pick Brandon). I was expecting some scary/terrifying moments that would have me twitching all over the couch but it mainly consisted of quirky remarks and half bad acting! Tremors2 even had a touching, sentimental part were I began to actually feel bad for the graboids!

I think they could have put a little more effort and funds to the ending of the movie though. "It's going to be BIG" turns out to be medium. That explosion sucked! I could have done better with a lighter and some dust bunnies!

By far my favorite was Burt Gummer(mustache man). " I ... am completely.....out...of ammo" his face was priceless! This movie would not have been as good without him!

I give this movie 3Exploding knuckle buddies out of5

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  1. LOL awesome picture. I like the graboid flying toward Burt's head.