Monday, April 4, 2011

Just Eat It

Disorderlies was a pretty phat movie. Phat like the cool kids say. Not fat like the fat boys.

I also mean phat as in not bad. Not terrible, and not good, just phat. Where am I going here. I lost my train of thought.

Disorderlies was like watching the three stooges, but with bad timing and cheesy acting. Yeah that's it.

The Goods: Overall fun movie, freeze frame high five at the end of the movie.
The Bads: Very predictable, full rap song midway through the movie.
The Moral: Don't make exuberant amounts of money because your nephew will try and kill you.
Rating: 2 Dominos pizza product placements out of 5


  1. You hit the nail on the head, with your ill lingo and your clever comparison to the 3 stooges it's like I saw the whole movie :P

  2. Your Ill also, Not ill in the sick way, but in the ill way. Like the dope way. Not the drug way...the cool way. Not cold though...

    I confused myself

  3. Gnarly. It takes one to know one. Or something like that!