Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Living in a Cereal World!

Serial Mom was definitely the better of movies thus far! It was funny, gruesome, and gave me a motivational boost of sanity. Beverly (Kathleen Turner), is a suburban mom who just can't take it anymore. Gum chewing, extending her husband's work hours, parking spot stealing are just some of the things that sets her off. From the unexpected events to the items used to do "the deeds" this movie is edge of the seat thrillingish.
I give this movie 3 flew over the cuckoo's nests out of 5

This is when Beverly attacks the older lady with the turkey, notice the blood, very severe!


  1. Well done Elisa.
    Is that one of your clients? She sure has a high forehead.

  2. Lol hahaha yes she sure does! Ha. You are missing the point, she is being hit with turkey and is bleeding!!!!

  3. it's a shame for what passes as "art" these days...