Friday, March 18, 2011

Just wow...

This is a bad movie, but that's not the point. This movie has one of the best final fight sequences of all time.
As Jeremy has so kindly illustrated, the guy FLYING KICKS HIM THOUGH THE FONT WINDOW.
That was awesome. Movies don't usually have this simple awesome kind of solution to the bad guy coming to get you. You would only think of this when you were a kid playing with your action figures, that's what makes it so awesome.
Awesome 80's nostalgia throughout, pretty formulaic action flick, I really forgot about the plot however.
If NBC ever figures out that Jay Leno is incredibly untalented and fires him we sure hope to hell that we will never see him acting because he's even worse at that than his comedy, neeyah. His comedic timing, his actual acting, it all sucks. I thought we were supposed to like the heroes in buddy Cop flicks, not this one.
Pat Morita however is as good as he always is, funny and good acting.

I give this move 1 shitty comedian out of 5
but I give the ending 6 totally awesome kick ass flying kicks out of 5

Moral of the story, Jay Leno sucks.

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  1. Your rating on this movie is more appropriate then mine.

    also, Mr Miyagi with a windshield tutu is awesome.