Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm Super Serial

Serial Mom:
This movie was actually pretty good! It was zany, funny and I enjoyed the the story.
Beverly Sutphin (Kathleen Turner) was a delightful character. Although she'd drop an air-conditioner onto someone, or make multiple prank phone calls, she is still someone you like and would root for.
The teens in this movie were kinda annoying. They really pushed obsessive traits into the characters and I think if they were a bit more subtle it would have read a bit better.

The Goods: An overall absurd and fun movie. Kathleen Turner's crazy performance. The bathroom yell.

The Bads: Nothing really terrible sticks out. Maybe how Beverly lost the cops by driving over someone's lawn... there must be a deleted scene out there somewhere. (I've seen COPS. It's not that easy)

The Moral: Always rewind your tapes!

Rating: 4 smacks to the head with a turkey leg out of 5

Here is a (very) quick doodle of the aforementioned bathroom yell.
Please listen to the sound effect for maximum experience:


  1. That was a pretty epic scream. It was probably a little over the top for surprise and/or fear. But it was awesome none the less lol.