Monday, March 21, 2011

Can't believe I stayed awake for GYMKATA!

Well I did it again boys, I picked a real winner! I was expecting one of those so cheesy its good martial arts movie and all I got was a semi-flexible dude and a totally misunderstood story line! We actually had to look up the premise on the internet to figure out what the heck was going on.
By the name and trailer of the movie you assume there will be some new fangled martial arts mixed with gymnastics, one guy kickin' the butts of overwhelming hordes, and superb skill like no other man on the planet but all you get is disappointment. Disappointing characters, disappointing plot and disappointing action! The best part was crazy town (which wasn't that crazy), where all the criminally insane are sent. Oh and there is an unsuspecting surprise in this town........... Kurt's father (whom we have heard nothing about up until this point so we don't really care!) This movie was Lame, lame LAME!!!!

I give it 1 Dominique Dawes could have done it better out of 5


  1. This picture sums up the entire movie quite well.

    √ Gymnastics
    √ Ugly People
    √ Danger
    √ No Ninjas


  2. he must have hid some chocolates in his armpits.

  3. Well that is the true ninja way Malcolm!