Friday, February 25, 2011

Rubber dinosaurs galore!!!!

I know this is not a great movie but I like it, mostly nostalgia I guess.
The whole movie is pretty boring, the interaction between the humans and dinosaurs are boring.
There are a few action sequences that show full size dinos running thought the forest or falling and those actually look not that bad considering its just a guy in a suit.
Surprisingly there is a tear jerking moment when you see the budget Disneyland dinosaur dad get shot and killed, then eaten by vultures.
The wide shots of the dinosaurs look much better than the close ups when the seams and crossed eyes of the animals are revealed.
I'm rating this higher than it deserves just because I can remember being wowed as a 10 year old boy when I saw it in the theaters.
I give the dinosaurs 3.5 good from far, but far from goods out of 5

Here's my rendition of the native comic relief hero (no feet because I didn't want to draw them)


  1. You must be taking drawing lessons from rob liefeld.