Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby back riiiiiibs and BBQ sauce

Here is my review of Baby the Secret of the lost somethingorother...

The movie wasn't terrible. It wasn't very good either. Considering the dumps we had to wade through so far, this was like a picnic.

The human characters were kind of boring, and the back and forth between the good guys and bad guys got a tad tiresome.
The best character in this movie was the crazy scientist/paleontologist/murderer. That dude would do anything for science!

The Goods: Lack of CGI and Seeing the seams in the floppy dino suites.

The Bads: The annoying human characters.

Rating: 3 tranquilizers in a dinosaur's neck out of 5

Here's a little treat I spent a couple hours making. It's better then the movie:


  1. LOL, that's freakin hilarious!
    I saw this movie a loooooong time ago. I don't remember much about it, just that I was bored out of my skull watching it.

  2. That was awesome and really annoying when I couldn't turn it off.

  3. What a sad little game, it made me want to cry but yet it was very enjoyable!

  4. Why would you want to stop it Malcolm? You hate fun? Fun hater!

  5. I sure wish there was a new movie topic posted...

    hint hint