Friday, May 27, 2011

No strippin... no dippin

This movie started off a little more crude than I thought it would. But it turned out this movie actually had a plot. REVENGE. Or so I thought. But then it wandered around to other adult pranks and predicaments. But then it went back to the revenge plot. And holy crap they ripped the whole building down, ha. No prank just rip the building down and piss off the jerk that can kill you. But it was a trap that wrapped up pretty easily, pretty good revenge I guess. Bad writing though.

Judging by the poster and all the juvenile sex talk in the opening of this movie I thought we were in for something worse that all the American Pie movies combined. It actually turned out to be kind of a good movie. 80's you've done it again. This was one of the movies that started this kind of genre and I guess it is pretty tame by today's standards. Again this was one of those movies I was not allowed to see when I was little, but it probably would have been OK except for a couple scenes.

Well all in all, this movie had alot going on, the pranks, police corruption, classic phone gags, racism, sexual assaults with a huge inflatable, explosions, seemingly unending story running into the credits. But I'll give it 2.5 horribly acting Kim Cattralls out of 5

Here is the never before seen cropped out portion of the porky's poster.
This one was truly drawn in 60 seconds, blecchh.

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  1. ha! best picture posted on the site so far me thinks!