Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Phrophecy, more like the Disapointacy

Well, I can't really remember all the details of this just the overwhelming feeling that something big might happen and it will be so cool cause Christopher Walken is in it with Casey Jones and the guy who was fired from being Marty Mcfly. And then the end came... the end of the movie.
Nothing really exiting happened. I can't even remember who all died. Yawn fest.
Judging by the cast and the synopsis this seemed like a really good movie.
I'm giving it 2 don't judge a book by its covers out of 5.

I thought the scene where Christopher Walken was sitting on the steps with the kids kinda pervish.
Come HEre... little GIrl... I've got a TRUMpet... do you wanna BLOW it... for Me... I'm GAbriel


  1. He gives them mints to blow his horn... it's really, a pretty good deal.

  2. HA! I just got the whole partial caps thing you were doing! Hurr :B
    The trumpet thing at the school was kinda random I thought.