Tuesday, March 29, 2011

80's... you've failed me again

OK, I was hoping for a little pot of 80's gold but all I found was a pile of false advertising.
Ghoulies, they'll get you in the end.
Well they never really got any screen time that's for sure.
I was promised some puppet mayhem and all we really got was over the hill actors (bad ones) playing college students with horrible, boring, writing.
The premise was OK, a guy finds some black magic satanic stuff in his basement and accidentally awakens the bad guy. But the execution of this movie was all bad. I could go on but I shant.
My mom wins, she didn't take me to this movie when I was young and I'm glad she didn't because I would have been bored to sleep watching this as a kid.

The good: scary as hell clown sitting in the room, awesome dead guy that pops out of the grave.
The bad: where the hell were the Ghoulies???
The ugly: the actors, they were all hit with the ugly stick at the casting call (I guess the good looking actors are more expensive)

Lesson: Next time you watch a Ghoulies movie, make sure it actually has Ghoulies in it.

I give this pile o crap 1 could have been funs out of 5


  1. If they had control of the puppets this show would have been 1000 times better.

  2. Ha I love your picture, Jim Henson would have been so disappointed! He would have shown them whats what!