Monday, February 14, 2011

Should have Walkened away from Touch!

TERRIBLE!!!! This was an awful movie! You are expecting a comedy because that is what's falsely advertised and all you get is blood and bore. Skeet's stigmata like tendencies and Bridget Fonda's perky nippies are the points (haha get it points?) in the movie I remember most.

Here is a movie summary: Hi I am Juvenile watch me bleed and cure, blah blah blah... me and miss pointy nips are in love, now I can't bleed, blah blah blah... AHhhhhhh! (sound of Tom Arnold out the window)....... VrRRRoOOooom (love birds drive away in a car) Blah! SnoozaPalooza.

I give this movie .75 MGM you let me down out of 5


  1. Wow you are ruthless, nice in person but a devil online. But its all true... well said.

    Slacks are in this season you know.